Napoleon | The Ticket

Follow Napoleon Bonaparte, everyone’s favorite vertically challenged dictator, as he learns to interact with the modern day world in this animated short film. When his trusty stead gets a parking ticket, Napoleon is forced to come to grips with his new stature in society.

For The Ticket I worked with Alexander Curtis, a talented layout artist, to create the storyboards. In CG its easy to get too free with camera movements which can be disorienting to the viewer. Nothing is worse then a nausea inducing CG camera not matter how dynamic it is. I made it clear in the beginning to treat the camera as if we we’re shooting live action. I also asked Alex to focus on telling the story from a limited front-on perspective as much as possible. In addition to giving the camera work a stylized feel, it also limited the amount of assets which needed to be created to tell the story. Shallow depth of field was built-in from the beginning as a compositional tool for separating the characters from the background. It also creates a sense of intimacy with the character. Close-ups with long focal lengths were used to achieve this. These were mixed with wider shots to establish the environment and give more room for the characters to move around in.